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Surface Modifier

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Fastex® Surface Modifiers are a range of fluids containing a complex blend of esters combined with a highly refined and modified hydrocarbon based fluid without any solid components.

Fastex® Surface Modifiers are compatible/miscible with other hydrocarbon based lubricants as well as some synthetic based fluids, such as PolyAlpha Olefins (PAOs) and some ester based fluids. They are not compatible with PolyAlkylene Glycol (PAG), polyolesters or phosphate esters.


Surface Modifier Information Notes

100.16010 pi-SURFMOD-v005


Fastex FSM Product Background

110.11000 bg-FSM-v003


Fastex FSM Product Data Sheet

110.12000 pd-FSM-v006


Fastex FSM (French) Product Data Sheet

110.12001 pd-FSM-FR-v004

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